Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day and Goat Riding!

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day. We spent the day of love with a couple vowing their love! Jonathan's first cousin Shauna got married yesterday in Lancing and we went over for the beautiful wedding. I took Hayden's picture with Shauna and he had to take his cow and bull with him for the pic.
Congratulations Shauna & Josh!
Staying with our usual Sunday afternoon routine, we went to lunch at my Mom and Dad's house. The kids didn't really play outside very much, but Angelina Ballerina (aka Sallie, aka Batgirl) put on a little show for us. She is a fabulous dancer and Hayden helps her out once in a while with a few lifts!

This kids went up to feed Emily, their pet goat and upon a little encouragement from the crowd, Hayden decided he would take a ride on her. If there is one thing, well several things actually, we can say about our little guy, he doesn't give up, he knows NO fear, and you can't keep a good man down!! He fell off, got run out from under, rolled over and he got back up and climbed on again. The pictures aren't the best because they were taken from a distance, but you get the idea.

almost made it.....

one more time....

FINALLY!! (Well, actually, not really, I just snapped the picture before he got bucked off.)
Have a blessed week!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Diesel, Horsepower, and a lot of Noise....

We left for the National Farm Machinery Show and Championship Tractor Pull on Wednesday and came back home this afternoon. We went with my Dad, Mom and brother and had a great time. Of course, Hayden had to sit on every tractor, sprayer, combine, lawnmower, bobcat, ATV... you get the picture, everything he saw!!

He likes to push all the buttons and move all levers!

We are thinking of getting one of these to save on gas, however, we are a little concerned about the crash rating! Someone would definitely feel the impact (not the other car)!

Hayden with his ear phones on getting ready for the tractor pull...

The Hulk Alcohol Edition
We got to see our favorite local puller, Robert Galloway of Strawberry Plains at the show. Hayden got his picture made with the tractor. Unfortunately, Robert had some bad luck with his tractor on the starting line and did not get to pull. We hope he gets everything back in order and we look forward to seeing him at the next event! GO HULK!!

Great shot of Hayden and his Dad on a massive disk.....

in a sprayer that is about as large as our house!

Hayden and my Dad in a combine, this is all he talked about when we first got there!

Hayden got in a little trouble while we were there and had to be detained, but I think we can get his name cleared.
We had a great time and want to thank Papaw, Mamaw, and Nathan for asking us to go with them. We always enjoy a trip and especially when we get to go with our family.

Homefront to Heartland!!

I serve as an Area Farm Management Specialist with The University of Tennessee Extension. I cover eleven counties assisting farm families with whole farm planning and record keeping. I also assist small business in developing record keeping systems to track inventory and finances. UT Extenion presents:

Come join us for the "Homefront To Heartland" Conference!

A conference in financial education for women in small business and agriculture is planned for Saturday, March 21st beginning at 9:00 a.m. on the Institute of Agriculture Campus at The University of Tennessee. The program is outlined below:

Program At-A-Glance
9:00 a.m. Registration (Hollingsworth Auditorium)
9:30 Welcome & Motivational Speaker— Robin Wilhoit, WBIR Television
10:00 DISC Personality Profile Training – Mitch C. Beaty
11:00 Break & Networking (Refreshments served)
11:20 There’s No Business Like Your Business: Estate Planning Secrets to Preserve Your Business or Family Farm —Anne M. McKinney, P.C.
12:30 Lunch
1:45 Concurrent Sessions (listed below)
– Plant Bio-Tech Building (Offered 1:45, 2:25, and 3:15)
Personal/Business Management Track
Identifying Your Money Habitude: Budgeting Basics for Home and Business – Alice J. Rhea (1:45)
Retiring in Style: Savings and Investor Education – Dr. Dena K. Wise (2:25)
Just A Mouse Click Away: Basic Computer Use and Management – David A. Yates (3:15)
Homefront Track

Food Safety for Consumers: 4 Steps for Safe Food Prep - Christopher T. Sneed (1:45)
From Farm to Table: The Rise of Local Foods – Megan L. Bruch (2:25)
Stress Free Living: Balancing Work and Family – Dr. Denise J. Brandon (3:15)Successful Management In Small Business and Agriculture Track
Strategies for Success: Increasing Business Value through Marketing – Megan L. Bruch (1:45)
Who Needs Records Anyway: Quick Tips for the Task –Tammy L. McKinley(2:25)
Get It Together: Securing Your Financial Documents – Laura L. Howard (3:15)
2:55 Break & Networking (Refreshments served)
4:00 Door Prizes, Evaluation, and Closing Comments

You can also find additional information including a registration form at our website, I can be reached in the Blount County Extension Office at 865-982-6430 if you have questions and would like to speak to someone directly. I hope you will be able to join us!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Before we left for church this morning, Hayden put on a little show with his guitar. The song, "Thank God I am a Country Boy" is his favorite song and we played it on the radio for him. He really gets into playing his guitar and lights up when his song comes on!

Today, as most Sunday's after church, we went to Hayden's Papaw and Mamaw's (my Dad and Mom) house. My sister and her family who live in Newport always come over and we eat lunch there and the kids get to play together. Today, they all brought their bikes and we played outside all afternooon.

This is our niece Sallie (also known as BatGirl) and nephew, Simon. She had to make a few rescues today!

Simon lost his front tooth this week!!

And of course, the visit to Papaw and Mamaw's is not complete without petting the pet goat, Emily. Sallie did not want to get too close today, but Hayden and Simon pestered the poor thing as usual.

Emma got to come home from the hospital today and is doing good. She will have to start back on her medicine that she had been weaned from in October. We are thankful everything turned out like it did and wish her a speedy recovery!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The week in review!

This has been an exciting week! We started out on Sunday with a ride around town in my brother's new 1955 Ford Truck. He is sharp and riding around in style!!

While saying our prayer one night this week, Hayden was wondering how we talk to Jesus. He then proceeded to ask us if Jesus has a phone. How great it is to know that we don't have to wait on an available line to talk to our Lord and Savior, we have a direct connection at all times!

We enjoyed the snow on Monday and Tuesday but didn't get any pictures.

On Wednesday we went down to Hayden's Grandpa and Granny's (Jonathan's Dad and Mom) house to work with some heifers. We fed the cows, broke some ice and discovered two new baby calves. After looking for the babies mother, we realized the two calves were twins! We had a great day and made some great memories!
Tonight we went to my best friend's Mom's birthday party. She turns the big 50 on the 12th. However, the night's festivities quickly turned to a more somber note as my friend's daughter had a seizure and was rushed to Children's Hospital. I ask anyone reading this to please remember her in your prayer's. Her name is Emma and she is 8 years old. At our last get together which was July 4th of last year, my friend had a stroke and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. Please remember the whole family when you prayer.