Friday, February 13, 2009

Diesel, Horsepower, and a lot of Noise....

We left for the National Farm Machinery Show and Championship Tractor Pull on Wednesday and came back home this afternoon. We went with my Dad, Mom and brother and had a great time. Of course, Hayden had to sit on every tractor, sprayer, combine, lawnmower, bobcat, ATV... you get the picture, everything he saw!!

He likes to push all the buttons and move all levers!

We are thinking of getting one of these to save on gas, however, we are a little concerned about the crash rating! Someone would definitely feel the impact (not the other car)!

Hayden with his ear phones on getting ready for the tractor pull...

The Hulk Alcohol Edition
We got to see our favorite local puller, Robert Galloway of Strawberry Plains at the show. Hayden got his picture made with the tractor. Unfortunately, Robert had some bad luck with his tractor on the starting line and did not get to pull. We hope he gets everything back in order and we look forward to seeing him at the next event! GO HULK!!

Great shot of Hayden and his Dad on a massive disk.....

in a sprayer that is about as large as our house!

Hayden and my Dad in a combine, this is all he talked about when we first got there!

Hayden got in a little trouble while we were there and had to be detained, but I think we can get his name cleared.
We had a great time and want to thank Papaw, Mamaw, and Nathan for asking us to go with them. We always enjoy a trip and especially when we get to go with our family.

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