Sunday, February 8, 2009

Enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Before we left for church this morning, Hayden put on a little show with his guitar. The song, "Thank God I am a Country Boy" is his favorite song and we played it on the radio for him. He really gets into playing his guitar and lights up when his song comes on!

Today, as most Sunday's after church, we went to Hayden's Papaw and Mamaw's (my Dad and Mom) house. My sister and her family who live in Newport always come over and we eat lunch there and the kids get to play together. Today, they all brought their bikes and we played outside all afternooon.

This is our niece Sallie (also known as BatGirl) and nephew, Simon. She had to make a few rescues today!

Simon lost his front tooth this week!!

And of course, the visit to Papaw and Mamaw's is not complete without petting the pet goat, Emily. Sallie did not want to get too close today, but Hayden and Simon pestered the poor thing as usual.

Emma got to come home from the hospital today and is doing good. She will have to start back on her medicine that she had been weaned from in October. We are thankful everything turned out like it did and wish her a speedy recovery!

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  1. Alice, This is so great to share your stories this way! I'm going to get my sister on this as well. Laura