Thursday, March 12, 2009

Catch Up, Riding Horses & Hauling Cattle

I have gotten behind on the blog and I apologize, things have been a little busy lately, but here goes....

Jonathan and I had to work last Saturday and Hayden spent Friday and Saturday nights with his Granny and Grandpa. Thank you Granny and Grandpa for taking such good care of Hayden and dropping everything to do exactly what he wants. He went to the park and fed the ducks and played at the playground. When I called at 9:30 Saturday morning, he had Granny in the basement floor building with Lego's. I don't get many pictures when I am at Granny and Grandpa's but I am going to have to do better. When they brought Hayden home Sunday evening we were entertained by a tractor pull in the living room floor. Our MC, Hayden wore his cowboy hat and carried around his microphone (a log) and gave us play by play action of all the full pulls and those that weren't as successful. It really amazes me how he watches and listens. When we were at the tractor pull at the Farm Machinery Show, one of the MC's wore a cowboy hat and carried a microphone into the stands to speak to the fans. He is very perceptive (kind of scary!!). Remember parents, grandparents, and everyone else, little eyes are watching you.
Also, thanks to WBIR and Colleen Cruze of Cruze Dairy Farm for helping us promote our conference for women that is coming up on Saturday, March 21st. For more information go to

This week has been a little slower, neither Jonathan nor I had night meetings. I am kind of living for March 22nd when my plate load gets a little lighter. However, I am very excited about the conference and hope we have a great turnout......PLEASE REGISTER!!!

Hayden spent the night with his aunt JuJu Monday night, thank you Julie, Jeremy, Simon and Sallie. He has been talking about this for a while and loves spending time with his cousins! He came home with a baby doll, thank you Sallie! As long as he drives the doll around in a pick-up truck or let's it ride a horse or bull, his Daddy will be ok (I think?!?).

Yesterday Hayden spent some time at home with me and he had to haul some cattle to the market. He hauled some, but left them in the corral as you can see below. He also took a ride on his horse and apparently was hunting at the time. He insisted that his gun be put down the back of his shirt, I guess that worked well for grabbing and shooting on the run. Later in the day, I was paid a visit by Zorro, Batman, The Lone Ranger all wrapped up in one.

Last night after church we went by my Mom and Dad's and Hayden ended up spending the night. I think he has spent the night away from home more the past week than he has stayed at home. We are lost without him, but glad that he likes to stay with his family. Anyway, today he hauled calves to Newport with my Dad all day. He was definitely in his element and I wouldn't be surprised if tried to ride a few of them while he was there. Thank you Papaw for creating memories and letting Hayden spend the day with you. He was in a hurry to come home when we left because he said his cows were bawling at home. I guess those were the ones he left in the corral yesterday?

Thank you to all our family who helps us out when our jobs take us away for a day or longer. We appreciate your unfailing commitment and love and we love you all dearly! Now, I must go get my little cowboy out of the bathtub. It takes a while to locate him since there are about 50 horses and cows in there.


  1. I love your little cowboy and the WBIR story was great! I am coming to Homefront, but I need to sign up still!! I'll call today!

  2. Frances, You can find a registration form at the website and send your fee in to that address with your sessions checked off. I will put your name on the list right now! I am excited you will be able to join us!