Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter and May God Bless You!

We had to booster and freeze brand some heifers yesterday and Hayden was a great helper!
He tried out the headgate to make sure it was working!

Papaw has a baby calf he is feeding on a bottle and Hayden fed it today! I think he wants to bring it home with him Papaw!

This was a picture taken at his daycare Easter Progam. They were "Bullfrogs & Butterflies." It was really cute!

Here he is with his riding coach, Papaw, giving it another try.

Almost made it!! Poor Emily, she dreads seeing this kid coming!

I was cleaning out Hayden's closet last week and found this basket I was given at a baby shower. He decided to get in it and take a nap! We had a little trouble getting him into position.
Granny and Grandpa came and spent the night with us for Hayden's birthday party and he decided he was going to sleep with Granny downstairs. After he carried about 10 stuffed animals down there, he changed his mind and came back upstairs. Sorry Granny, you know how he changes his mind.

Hayden and Sallie are attempting to ride off into the sunset, but they didn't make it too far because they couldn't decide who was going to drive! Sallie went inside and brought a couple of babies out who apparently were their kids. They tried to put them into the boxes on the side of the motorcycle, but after they fell out and got ran over a few times, they gave up on taking the kids with them.

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