Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Fling!

We went up to the mountains last week for a few days and had a great time! My sister and her family came up on Thursday evening and we went to the Dixie Stampede FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A YEAR!! Our little cowboy loves it !!
I am not sure what he is looking at, but he sure is intent....

My wonderful sister Julie and her husband Jeremy, (you are wonderful too Jeremy!)
Hayden and Sallie like to pretend they are parents so notice the baby doll in his arm.
They made several trips up and down the steps that evening, according to them, there was a bear upstairs.
Here they are taking a little road trip themselves and notice the baby safely buckled up in the back seat.
They decided to take ride on Jonathan.....
Hayden taking in all in.... I told him SEVERAL times to get out of the creek!
Kicked back enjoying his hotdog, without a hotdog on the bun!
He loves to ride horses and we have decided it is cheaper to take him to ride every once in a while than it is to own one! He and Daddy got to ride on Cloud.
Say goodbye to Tigger!!
While in the mountains, he got a new rope. Now Emily gets to be roped and rode!!
Hayden cracks me up lately by the way he stands. His hand is always on his hip, but if he has something to lean against, he will also cross his feet.
Hayden is trying to teach his big uncle, Nathan, how to ride, but you know how it can't teach an old dog new tricks!! WE LOVE YOU NAY NAY!!
He is soooooo sneaky!!

We are very thankful for the blessings of life including our family and friends. We receive way more than we ever deserve and God's love, grace, and mercy are so wonderful! Have a great rest of the week!

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